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How Safe Are Vape Pens?

By admin / May 10, 2021
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At first, they resembled lightsabers, but vape pens soon took many forms, from sleek to utilitarian. Within months, they were in the hand of the casual friend or passerby. Online vaporizer shops staked their claims in the deregulated Wild West and an industry was born. Now “vapes” are franchised and mass marketed as a safer alternative to smoking, showing big business in the tech and consumer industries [1]. Bloomberg predicts sales of vaporizers could rise 44 percent in the next year—in the U.S. alone.

The average smoker has two common motivations in trying a vaporizer: curiosity and health. But little knowledge sends smokers to the most convenient vaporizers, primarily e-cigarettes that use liquid cartridges instead of tobacco leaf. They were considered a healthier alternative. But just when e-smokers thought it was safe to restock juice cartridges, they face some revealing facts. E-cigarette juice contains the same chemicals, and risk, as cigarettes, perhaps even as addictive as combusted tobacco. Slowly, these findings are causing a shift in the vaporizer market, from e-liquid to dry herb convection vaporizers, which offer a cleaner, more controlled experience than cartridges. In the long-run, it appears health may trump curiosity.

Boutique to Brand Name

Doctors have used vaporizers as early as the 19th Century[1]. The dry herb vaporizer industry began with boutique plug-in vaporizers, such as the Volcano vaporizer and portables such as the Magic Flight Launch Box. In clinical trials, researchers recommend Volcano vaporizers for the most consistent and accurate measured dose [1][2]. New experimental protocol has been developed with the Volcano, demonstrating its efficiency in extracting CBD and other trace elements lost during combustion. Even the U.S. military recently approved vaporizer use for studying PTSD in veterans.

Can Curiosity Save The Cat?

Smoking is hard to quit—that’s maybe the understatement of the Century. But limiting the habit is a step forward to a higher quality of life. For smokers, vaporization can be a form of harm reduction, a conscious and pragmatic way to manage one’s health. It offers demonstrated support for smoking cessation, far more than patches or detoxing.

It can be difficult for new vaporizer owners to be around smokers. Maybe a friend offers you some and you take a puff, to be polite. But the feeling and taste are overwhelming, like a wood-burning oven in your stomach. In combusting herb, the active ingredients burn away faster, creating much more immediate jump in mood and sensation. With vapor, the active ingredients are slowly released, providing a more gradual, but enduring feeling [1]. The portable herb vaporizer is perfect for mingling with friends. Who knows—your cloud could pique their curiosity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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