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How Vaporizers Enhance Your Sense of Smell

By admin / April 10, 2021
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Beyond purged lungs, the swift change from smoking to vaping restores an old sense: olfaction. The first thing ex-smokers notice is an enhanced sense of smell and taste. It can feel like a superpower. Blood vessels are less constricted. The lungs and throat are clear of build-up. Clothes don’t reek. It smells like a new world.

Sniff Out Happiness

The purification process makes vaporizers ideal for studying olfaction. Studies have indicated that an increased sense of smell positively effects mood [1][2][3]. Vaporizers are exclusively used in aromatherapy, with some portable models allow for essential oils, aeration, or even herb dehydration. With taste so closely linked to memory, dry herb vaporizers open up an enhanced world to customers.

Only four simple flavors exist in the world: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. But with vapor, they can be tasted in all their infinite combinations. Even the culinary world has touted the gastronomic qualities of vaporizers. Michelin restaurateurs rely on Volcanoes to extract complex flavors for their singular dishes [1][2]. They can isolate spearmint, or the tang of a lime, the sugar of jasmine, flavors from rich peat to the earthy funk of loganberries or beets.

So Close, You Can Taste It

The first few inhalations will give the majority of the flavor. The higher the active ingredients, the more of a cold, sugary taste the vaporizer will release, sort of like Pixy Stix. The cloud is an evaporated gas, an essence of steam.

Some users claim sedentary, plug-in vaporizers offer the best flavor clarity. However, most portable convection models are remarkably strong at preserving taste. Conduction models work well depending on the type of chamber. But glass and ceramic tend to give a more even vapor than metal chambers. For a cloud free of debris, most vapers place screens between the chamber and nozzle.

Slave to the Grind

Grinders become essential. The density of the grind can make the difference between a restorative session and a complete dud. Even the most expensive grinder is reasonable, some touting lifetime warrantees and free sharpening. Particularly with 5-level grinders, there’s very little to lose. A double grind makes for an easy pull. Consequently, few models suggest packing too tight or full, even fewer suggest using whole herb.

Keep Mine Dry, Thanks

Vaporizing wet material can be harsh and inefficient. Assuming it isn’t moldy, most of the moisture can be evaporated with another heating. It takes time and patience to keep it dry. It’s best to keep herb containers open or otherwise exposed to air for a brief period. Another method is to grind it as is and leaving the mixture out to dry. Most online herb shops sell open-air containers for holding the mixture, as do culinary stores.

3 Tips for Checking Moisture

– Stems snap, not bend

– No moldy “champagne” odor

– Doesn’t stick to sides

A Bit Toasty in Here

The first thing to change with each heating is the odor. The herb in the chamber will smell less sour and more like popcorn or saltines. The flavor will slowly disappear as the vapor can begin to feel coarse and thin. The texture will have changed, the grounds becoming dry and crunchy like tanbark, at which point they can be lightly brushed out or pushed through the whip.


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