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The Future of Vapor: Regulation and Top Models for 2015  

By admin / April 10, 2021
future of vapor

Picture this: you want to find a a vaporizer friendly hotel, one that offers complimentary, pre-loaded dry herb vaporizers in each room [1] and a hoodie with a built-in vaporizer waiting in the closet. That these ideas are even a consideration shows the exponential growth of vaping as a social phenomenon. While new laws are taking effect, the fact that both authorities and vapers are seeking regulation is a sign of longevity of dry herb vaporizers.

Vaping has grown a wide acceptance, though some might say mere toleration. In Oregon, housing officials are recommending the use of vaporizers to tenants who smoke, as a courtesy to neighbors. The vaporizer community is trying to cultivate courtesy as a sort of self-regulation. In reaction to e-cigarette bans, dry herb vapers are putting out the call for propriety. They believe respect for non-smokers should apply. You wouldn’t smoke on public transit, so why vape on a train? Couldn’t it wait, they ask?


Temperature Control

Despite a rally for self-regulation, most major cities are cracking down on public vaporizer use, or are at least outlining regulatory policy. In California, herbal vaporizers have yet to be distinguished from e-cigarettes; further, there is no legal differentiation between “smoking” and “vaporizing”. Senator Mark Leno introduced a bill that would treat vaporizing as smoking in California. In Arkansas, a similar bill is stalled, its’ language categorizing modification—or replacement— as “Vaporizer Manufacturing”. It may take a few years for dry herb vaporizers to find a true differentiation from e-liquid vaporizers.

Vape Vogue

Nevertheless, the Federal Aviation Administration allows fliers to travel with portable vaporizers in their carry-on luggage. This year, even Oscar nominees received vaporizers as party favors. Whereas five years prior style wasn’t even a market concern, it is now a major selling point for portable vaporizers. It seems appropriate that Ploom, who set the tone for lustrous design has announced a partnership with boutique menswear company Odin to sell its Pax 2. Vape culture is so large that a secondary market has opened up for tubing, bubblers, and cosmetic applicators. Popular brands models like Pax, DaVinci, or Trippy Stix offer covers, skins, holsters, and innumerable modified accessories.

Looking Forward:

The market isn’t going to shrink anytime soon. That’s certain. But the cream may take longer to rise to the top. In 2014, some old favorites kept improving while some new surprises came along the way. These are the ones that, for now, have stand the test of time:

Top 3 Portable Vaporizers for 2015 [1][2][3]                     Top 3 Updated Classics

– Firefly- Crafty/Mighty

– Vapium Summit

– Arizer Air- Pax 2

– Da Vinci Ascent

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