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Top 7 Online Vaporizer Reviewers

By admin / April 10, 2021

So maybe you’ve decided to take the leap: you want to invest in a dry herb vaporizer. But how do you find accurate reviews? And who has the time to find the right one? You could go to a smoke shop and buy one. Or you can seek out the most legitimate, informative, and entertaining reviewers on the Internet for advice.

7.) Medical Jane

This website is thorough, but their products have been on the market awhile and its website makes searching difficult. However, the reviews are well written despite a cluttered navigation panel.


6.) The Vape Fiend

Legality being a concern, this UK reviewer does his best to be thorough. The Vape Fiend’s hooded reviews are generally brief, though not the timeliest. He can tend to play favorites with his products, such as the Pinnacle Pro. The fiend is really at his finest when reviewing multiple products with multiple hosts.


5.) Vaporizerblog

Vaporizerblog is thorough, almost exhaustively. On the other hand, they give tips at the end that can be helpful for a cursory glance. Though they don’t offer every product—Pax wasn’t reviewed—they offer most of the top models.


4.) Vapelife Will

Vapelife Will has a goofy, aloof charm. But don’t let looks fool you: he’s thorough and knows the market. His suggestions are helpful and perceptive. Even his videos’ length and content have greatly improved with time.


3.) Vape Gossip

A little newer on the scene, these two reviewers are balanced and affable. Their videos are very well edited to a reasonable length. The duo’s graphics are excellent, surpassing The Vape Critic, featuring more close-ups and superimposed photos than any other. Taking a cue from the Vape Fiend, they include multiple hosts for a greater perspective.


2.) Vape Hawk

Vape Hawk offers extremely concise reviews to save time. Its slick design, numbered ratings, and bulleted comparisons make it easy to be selective with their information, which is already quite taut.


1.) The Vape Critic

The Vape Critic set the standard for succinct and professional reviews. He was one of the first out there and he remains remarkably objective. “Bud” is responsive to questions and updating product modifications, such as extended battery life. One of his innovations was to compare product reviews according to performance—best tasting vapor, biggest clouds, best party vape—a feature surprisingly few have emulated. His videos, however, are widely imitated, both his image likeness and “cloud demonstrations”. His “20 Reviews in 15 Minutes” video is exemplary of his style and focus.

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