Dr.Dabber Stella Vaporizer

$99.95 $89.96


The Dr. Dabber Stella delivers more power and convenience than its predecessor, the award-winning Aurora vaporizer. The Stella is cleverly designed with a floating vapor chamber that reduces external temperature while concentrating heat directly onto the payload. Offset air inlets designed into the vaporization chamber enable the Stella to generate its signature vortex airflow.

The built-in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber features a sealed alumina ceramic heating element; the silicone filter and airflow regulator promote vapor production while reducing splashing. The Stella is precision-engineered with three heat settings as well as a convenient preheat setting. The powerful 600mAh battery offers overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, and over voltage protection. The Stella boasts pass-through charging via USB-C.



  • Discreet Design
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Built-In Alumina Ceramic Chamber
  • Vortex Airflow
  • Floating Vapor Chamber
  • Airflow Regulator
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Bonus Preheat Setting
  • 600mAh Battery
  • Pass-Through Charging Via USB-C


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