10" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong


A zany water pipe like this will certainly stand out it any glass collection. The 10" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong has plenty of features that make it a worthwhile purchase. The jagged neck obviously stands out to anyone who sees it. Besides having a unique look, this zig zag neck works effectively as a splashguard. With each bend of the glass, the further your mouth is from the water in the base. The bubble base itself allows for large amounts of smoke to build up with each hit. A raked fumed coloring can be found encompassing the base and features randomly chosen colors as well. The coloring will remind you of cascading waves flowing around the 3.5" wide base. The rubber grommet slide matches this color scheme and is three inches long. It fits nicely into the rubber grommet joint of the 10" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong. A fixed downstem extends into the base to transfer your smoke into the water of the chamber. After the smoke has filtered through the water, you can expect a smooth, great tasting toke. As the smoke travels up the bent neck, water is left behind at every level so there is no chance water will touch your lips. Speaking of your lips, the flared mouthpiece located at the top will give you a perfect place to inhale creating an airtight seal. While the colors that surround the bottom of the 10" Raked Zig Zag Bubble Base Bong change, the same consistent smoking experience does not. Thanks to the thick glass composition and easy to handle slide, this bong can become your daily driver and is it easy to see why.