Alien Kit Vaporizer


SMOK has created The Alien Kit Vaporizer with everyone in mind, a vaporizer mod box that's accessible enough for beginners yet modifiable and functional to hold the interest of more seasoned vape users.

The Alien boasts a 220W capacity, a wide 200-600 degree temperature range, and a variety of voltage settings giving the user plenty of combinations to test when finding the right balance for your oils and concentrates.

Extraterrestrial Power Box Mod

The SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer outputs 220W of power to support your efforts in creating massive clouds of vapor and if you're not a Cloud chaser there are no worries, that kind of wattage leaves plenty of room for lower settings to give you more flavor and less vapor.

The Alien Kit features multi-button functionality and a frame constructed from high-quality plastic and aluminum creating a durable travel-friendly housing that protects a mighty power source within. Select from an extensive collection of impressive color skins that make the Alien Kit just that much more unique. No matter what color you select, a backlit OLED display screen will display your battery power and vaporizer setting day and night, session after session.

The SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer offers a premium level of customization and personalization in the palm of your hands. The customizability this box mod poses in its most base form is impressive already, but this Alien is also constantly evolving.

Upgradable Firmware

The SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer is outfitted with upgradeable firmware so you can easily update the running system and get the latest updates from SMOK. SMOK encourages users to take full advantage of the features firmware updates can offer. 

Atomizer Details

The old adage goes "A box mod battery is only as good as its atomizer." SMOK's Alien Kit Vaporizer kit must be pretty freakin' great, featuring a beefy TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Tank.

The Baby Beast is a top load atomizer, just remove the mouthpiece and load your concentrates or e-liquids, pop the mouthpiece firmly back in place and you're ready to go! A titanium heating element burns off those juices and turns them into massive pearly smoke clouds for you to exhale like a great dragon. Expect to get all the flavor your liquids have to offer while in this borosilicate cylinder that will have no effect on the flavor profile. Each TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Tank holds 3ml of liquid. Paired with the Alien Kit's mighty battery power you can expect smoke sessions to last you a trip across the galaxy! Or at the very least several days.

 *Batteries Sold Separately