Beta Glass Labs

Beta Glass Labs Omega 2.0


Sister to the iconic Omega, the Omega 2.0 offers the same functionality all while being 40% smaller. The ultimate design for concentrates users, the Omega 2.0 is crafted by hand, featuring our signature attention to detail and quality. Like the original Omega, the Omega 2.0 won’t bottom out or splash with strong inhalation.


Omega’s premier hydro-filtration and recycling efficiency in a 40% smaller design. With our Alpha 2.0, Beta Glass Labs demonstrated that with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, current designs could be dramatically decreased in size without any loss of function or diffusion quality. No splash or bottoming out from aggressive inhalations.

We applied this key principle to our Omega model, given its reputation for near limitless performance. Standing at only 8” tall, the Omega 2.0 is designed with concentrate users in mind using the pinnacle of compact multi-stage recycler technology.

Like all Beta Glass Labs models, the Omega 2.0 is crafted by hand. After passing our strict quality control protocol, each Omega 2.0 is adorned with a genuine 23 karat gold label and hand serialized in titanium. Official serial-matching Certificate of Authenticity included.

Available in Clear & Accents