Brown Hemp Wraps with Cornhusk Filter Tip (3-Pack)


If you're looking for a natural and organic alternative to traditional smoking wraps, look no further than our Brown Hemp Wraps with Cornhusk Filter Tip. With each pack containing three rolls, these wraps are made from high-quality hemp that burns slow and smooth. Each king-size roll also includes a convenient corn husk filter for a clean and enjoyable pull.

But we don't stop there - we also include an exclusive packing tool made of renewable bamboo, making it easy to pack your hemp rolls just the way you like them. Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end with the packing tool. Our CaliGreenGold brand is focused on providing all-natural products engineered by OG Cali consumers, making them better for you and the environment alike.

To ensure optimal humidity and freshness, each tube of our Brown Hemp Wraps also comes with a 2-Way Humidity Exchange Pack. Whether you're an experienced smoker or just starting out, these all-natural hemp wraps are the perfect choice for a smooth and sustainable smoking experience.

NATURAL ORGANIC HEMP ROLLS. Our organic Hempwoods burn slow and smooth. Our king size, 1 gram packable roll features a corn husk filter for a smooth, clean pull and includes our exclusive packing tool, made of renewable bamboo. CaliGreenGold is pioneering a new class of all natural products that are better for you, environmentally sustainable and engineered by OG Cali consumers.

The hemp wraps are protected in a tube that contains a 2-Way Humidity Exchange Pack to preserve the optimal humidity ensuring the smoothest experience possible.

3 Organic HEMPWOODS - Hemp Wraps
CaliGreenGold Bamboo Packing Tool
2-Way Humidity Exchange Pack
Mylar Bag Packaging

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*This product does not contain any herbs*


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