Boo Glass

Fly High Beaker Bong - 8 Inch


Fly High 8 Inch Birdy Beaker Bongs - Catch Them Before They Fly Away!

Our Fly High Birdy bongs are some of the latest additions to our DopeBoo bong collection! These beautiful bongs come in at the perfect 8 inch size making them not too big and not too small.....They are just right!

If you are looking for a cool, smooth hit, then these birds are the bongs to try!

Available in Blue, Green, White and Pink Fly High colors


Bong Details:

  • Height - 8 inches tall
  • Thickness - 5mm thick glass
  • Clear borosilicate glass with colored accents & design
  • Incl. 14mm Male Bowl
  • Incl. both a Matrix and Showerhead percs