Honeybee Herb


  • Color will vary
  • High Heat Resistance

School's out for dabbing, especially for those sporting these incredibly dope Glass Pencil Concentrate Dab Tools. Regardless of whether you're just getting into the dabbing game or have been smoking fat slabs for years, these are the dabbers for wax that any dabber will appreciate. The design is all too familiar, bringing dabbers an incredible sense of nostalgia while breathing in their prized oil. Needless to say but we'll say it anyway, there's nothing better than opening up a Honeybee Herb package containing one of these bad boys.


The long, slender design of the Glass Pencil Concentrate Tool sports usability like no other. Grab up your favorite oil and lay it on your dab rig. Become the envy of all your friends with this incredible tool today.


And while you're at it, get your hands on the  Honey & Milk Core Reactor! These are super dope and fit almost any rig. With the opaque WHITE bottom paired with a heat retention core, you're never going to find this piece cooling down too fast for another slab. This quartz banger also sports a massive 2 mm thickness combined with a base thickness of 3 mm, ensuring the utmost durability. Get yours now!


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