Reeling Handle Grinder


This 2.5 inch, 4-piece, anodized aluminum, reeling handle clear top weed grinder from SharpStone sports impressive views and smooth gliding, hand-crank action. This innovative design features the clockwork shredding action as it grinds. 

The hand crank is good for people with mobility issues such as arthritis. It turns easily because inside, there’s a smooth poly ring for reduced friction. The SharpStone Reeling Handle Herb Grinder fits well in hand, easy to grip as the handle turns.

The SharpStone Reeling Handle Herb Grinder features airplane-grade anodized aluminum parts in multiple color options, a crystal clear acrylic window and a steel turn crank handle, a diamond-shaped cutting teeth chamber, a fine mesh kief screen in the middle, and a scraping tool in the bottom chamber.