The Opal Peak Pro


A Magical Experience Awaits With The Opal Peak Pro

The powerful Peak Pro gets a mystical cosmetic upgrade in the form of the beautiful Opal. Both the water chamber and the battery base get a touch of creativity in this limited edition design. 

The water chamber features a magical unicorn horn style bubbler. Below the mouthpiece sits an iridescent glass opal reminiscent of a wizard's crystal ball, which acts as a gateway to expanding your mind.

The mythical wonder of the Opal Peak Pro bubbler chamber is complemented perfectly by the technological creativity of the battery base. Beneath the white silicone exterior lies a party of color with a mix of LED lights illuminating every smoke session in various patterns, including; Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth.

The Opal Peak Pro is the Northern Lights of vaporizers.


A Higher Peak Emerges

Puffco once again reshapes the E-Rig with the Pro version of the revolutionary Peak vaporizer. 

The revolution starts with the Peak Pro chamber, which powers the entire operation. A sensor within the chamber communicates with your Peak rig and maintains precise temperature control despite how hard you pull or how much wax is in the ceramic bucket. This sensor all helps control your Peak device remotely through a downloadable app! This Puffco app will give you access to tons of additional features, including; dozens of custom heat profiles, customizable temperature, time, LED colors, and a customizable Boost Mode.

The atomizer of the Peak Pro has received an upgrade as well, now featuring an easy to attach and clean magnetic connection. This advancement corrects the connection issues presented by the threaded atomizers of the previous Peak model. The ceramic atomizer bucket is now an astounding 40% wider, so if you thought the Peak ripped before, wait until you try the Pro! A wholly reimagined "Oculus" carb cap design tops this innovative atomizer off. The Oculus design gives users a birds-eye view of your bubbling concentrates and a direct air path that takes all of the manual work out of dabbing with less mess and waste than you ever thought possible.

The Puffco Peak Pro is the most efficient and seamless way to experience the full potential of cannabis concentrates. It offers the highest level of customization and control for both the beginner and the connoisseur to create a truly unique smoking experience.



Increased Capacity


The Peak Pro features a 40% larger ceramic chamber for larger hits than its honorable predecessor. The increased size allows for larger personal hits and a session-friendly smoking experience.

The View From Above


Puffco has applied their imaginative innovation to every detail of the Peak Pro, right down to the carb cap. 

The Oculus Carb Cap gives users a birdseye view of the concentrate vaporization process, keeping wax in one place while getting the most from your material with a directional flow airpath, snapping easily into place over the Peak Pro atomizer.