• Top Hat Replacement Set (2 Pack)

In need of a core replacement for your Top Hat? You’ve come to the right place. These Top Hat Core Replacements are the perfect addition to anyone looking to fill a gap. Whether you broke your old core or simply want to ensure you always have a new core on hand for when the time comes, these Top Hat Core Insert Replacements are going to bring you the performance you want.


When it comes to replacement cores, these Top Hat Core Replacements are built to last. And while their performance is impressive, what’s really beneficial is how this package of dab inserts comes with two replacement cores for your Top Hat core reactor. These quartz banger inserts are always suitable for minimizing your dabbing downtime by being prepared. Take your preparation to the next level and add the Top Hat Core Replacements to your cart today.


Thinking about adding a new piece of quartz insert to your collection? Then combine your Top Hat Core Replacements with a Honey & Milk Core Reactor & Dab Marble Set or Honey Dab PearlsThese bad boys bring on a whole new level of performance, and the Top Hat Core Replacements will work with this piece. With an opaque WHITE bottom paired with a heat retention core, you’ll find this insert piece aesthetically gorgeous and able to take the heat. All in all, the Honey & Milk Core Reactor is just another quality piece you should add to your collection. So add it to your cart now and receive it with your Top Hat Core Replacements!