Honeybee Herb

Water Pipe 8in Rig

  • Material - Glass
  • Percolator - Squished Showerhead Style with Slits
  • Height - 8 inches
  • Base Width - 90mm
  • Down Stem - Fixed 90-Degrees

The Water Pipe 8 inch Rig Bong from Honeybee Herb is another awesome piece to use your Honeybee Herb Quartz Bangers in! This thick glass water bong features a 90-degree  14mm female opening that will easily accept any of our 90-degree 14mm male nails.


This rig bong features a fixed down stem that runs from the 14mm female joint all of the way to the squished shower head percolator. This piece also has a 90mm wide base for added stability. You can carry our travel bong kit with you when you travel.


Grab yourself an 8 inch Water Pipe Rig today and pair it with a 14mm male Honey and Milk Bevel Whirlwind Sidecar or a 14mm male Honeysuckle Quartz Banger for an unbeatable dabbing experience today!!