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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Choose from our selection of portable & desktop dry herb vaporizers & vape pens. We choose to carry only the best available products at any given moment; quality and customer satisfaction surpass all.


Each portable and desktop dry herb vaporizer here is selected with the utmost diligence. We have compared all tangible metrics, and carefully vetted the best contenders for each price range. Beyond our options we consider the choices to be a matter of personal preference in aesthetic & function. Choosing the right one may seem like a daunting process indeed, and so we’ve decided to help you out with that with our constantly updated buyer’s guide. These are the best available portable vaporizers for dried herb available right now.

Customer Questions

1) How do dry herb vaporizers work?

These devices heat up aromatic dried herb in a stainless steel oven, the contents of which become vaporized through the heat and the raw vapor is then inhaled by the user.

2) How do you use one?

Each device is different, however once turned on they usually begin heating to the desired temperature setting, taking anywhere from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Depending on your device, you can generally expect anywhere from 1-5 temperature settings. The lower temperatures provide a much lighter draw, while the hotter temperatures provide a stronger draw. After about 1-2 hours of continuous usage for most devices, you would need to recharge it.

3) Are these safe?

Inhaling vapors through these devices can be a healthier when compared to traditional combustion methods of lighting herbs and smoking through a pipe. While we are in no position to make an official statement on how safe these devices are for short and long term human health, studies have shown smoking through these devices to be healthier alternatives. Through the use of portable vaporizers, one is exposed to much less toxins and free radicals that are usually accumulated through combustion.

4) How do you pack and load these vape pens?

The best way to pack and load these devices is to first grind your herb in a grinder, and then pack the coarsely ground material tightly into the chamber. You don’t want to leave any room or open space as that can potentially cause your device to heat up more than it should.

5) How do you clean it?

It is generally a best practice to clean you device every 10-12 uses. Isopropyl alcohol (72& or 92% both work) found at your local Rite Aid/CVS/Walgreens alongside pipe cleaners or Dentex tooth picks usually do the trick. As isopropyl alcohol evaporates at room temperature, letting it sit will usually suffice, however if you were in a rush, heating up the device while blowing air through it can also do the trick.

6) What is the best device for me?

The best device for you is highly dependent on your lifestyle preferences. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a guide detailing some of the most important metrics that one would want to consider. These include portability, durability, draw resistance, vapor quality, heat settings, and battery life. The most popular models include the Pax 2, Vapium Summit, Arizer Air, Arizer Solo, DaVinci Ascent, and Mighty/Crafty vaporizers.