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DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer Review

By admin / December 7, 2022
davinci ascent portable vaporizer
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The DaVinci Ascent is a mid level, multi-use—both oils and dry herb—semi-convection portable vaporizer with a good reputation. Its flat face and size made it immediately appealing when it came on the market a few years back. It has numerous customizable features, a long battery life, and strong vapor quality. Given the competition, we should expect a follow up to the Ascent soon. This model is for those who appreciate flavor and vapor quality over convenience and portability.

Da Vinci Ascent has been around for several years, with each portable slightly better than the last, which was called simply the DaVinci. Older models are often replaced, but new models hold up well. The bottom grill has been known to overheat for some users. Cleaning is recommended after as little as five uses.

Usage & Battery Life

With a 3-hour lithium ion battery & 4 hours to charge the battery, a single charge should provide you with plenty of usage. The battery is only replaceable under warrantee.

You get a 2-year general product coverage and limited warrantee for battery and glass parts. They also offer replacements for glass parts in particular. Their customer support is reported to be excellent, often offering replacements.

Resembling a cell phone or electric razor, Ascent’s substantial design is still unique to the market.

Portability & Durability

In size, the Ascent is technically “pocket portable” but it isn’t recommended to carry in pockets. Its’ thin and retractable glass stems render it fragile despite its size. The models themselves are relatively durable, made of aluminum and silicone, though the glass components often have to be replaced.

Heating & Charging

This model uses semi-convection, a very small glass dish roasted with vapor from a ceramic heating element. No USB charging, but the Ascent allows for pass-through charging, making it an excellent plug-in unit. It has four separate, customizable heat settings— a rival feature of the S/B Crafty—from 0 to 430°F.

Performance & Flavor

The flavor of the Ascent is quite pure, though not quite at Arizer, Firefly, or Storz/ Bickel caliber. Its small chamber can make the vapor turn harsh faster. There is very little draw resistance to the Ascent, a little less than the SOLO. The vapor quality of the Ascent is potent, but is less likely to produce gigantic clouds.

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