Dab Rig Reclaimers

Imagine you've just taken a tantalizing dab, as the intoxicating flavors and aromas fill the air. But have you ever wondered what happens to the leftover concentrate that doesn't get vaporized? This valuable substance is called "reclaim," and savvy dabbers are raving about how a simple tool called the "dab reclaimer" can revolutionize their experience and save them some serious money. Intrigued? Stick around, because in our Ultimate Guide to Dab Reclaimers, we're shedding light on this game-changing accessory that's taking the dabbing world by storm.

A dab reclaimer is an attachment that can be added to any dab rig or oil rig to catch any unused concentrate. This accessory helps keep rigs cleaner and prevents heat stress on the joint. The reclaim jar attached to the bottom of the attachment collects any concentrate, which can be used later or for cooking. Before purchasing a compatible reclaimer, it's important to know the gender and size of your joint. Popular brands include MJ Arsenal, NoGoo, and Pulsar.

Understanding Dab Reclaimers

Dabbing has become increasingly popular in recent years. While it provides a potent, flavorful hit, the process also creates waste that can be salvaged with the use of a dab reclaimer. A dab reclaimer is an accessory designed to help catch leftover concentrates for later use. The small device may not look like much, but it has made a significant impact in the dabbing world.

Imagine you're a frequent dabber and every time you hit your rig, you notice some remaining oil clinging to the inside of your banger or nail. You might find yourself wanting to scoop up that leftover wax and use it later, keeping your concentrates from going to waste. That's where a dab reclaimer comes into play.

Dab reclaimers are essential accessories for any serious dabber. They allow for the collection of valuable concentrates that would otherwise be lost during the smoking process. These accessories come in various types and sizes, but all serve the same purpose – they help keep your rig clean and provide an efficient way to collect leftover concentrate.

It's no different than having a coiled spring on your phone charger cable; providing extra protection from everyday wear and tear, which results in lengthening its lifespan. Similarly, using a dab reclaimer can significantly reduce wear and tear on your rig while ensuring that every bit of your valuable concentrates is collected.

Some argue that reclaimers are unnecessary and only add additional expenses to the overall cost of dabbing. However, without proper collection methods, this can equate to wasted costly oil over an extended period of time. Ultimately, making the small investment in a quality reclaimer is worth it in terms of cost savings and efficiency.

Now that we understand why dab reclaimers are essential let us dig deeper into how they work.

  • Dab reclaimers are essential accessories for any serious dabber, as they provide an efficient way to collect leftover concentrate and ensure that every bit of valuable concentrates is collected. Investing in a quality reclaimer may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can significantly reduce wear and tear on your rig and prevent the wastage of costly oil over time. Therefore, it is worth making the small investment in a quality reclaimer for cost savings and efficiency.

How Dab Reclaimers Work

Simply put, dab reclaimers work by trapping the residual concentrate that drains through a pipe or the nail of your dab rig. While you might have seen a mess when clearing out your rig in the past, with a reclaimer, you can recover that leftover wax. The design features an attachment to catch the remaining oil, which can then be collected and used again later.

Think of it as a sieve or colander for your dab rig. But instead of straining pasta or vegetables, you're catching those little droplets suspended in reclaim liquid and returning them to your stash.

The device works by directing reclaimed oil and waxy residue from your banger/nail into a separate chamber for later reuse. A typical dab reclaimer has three essential components: an inlet that attaches to your banger/nail, a collection chamber, and an outlet that allows you to collect the saved concentrate.

If you use a French press at home for coffee brewing, imagine pouring hot water and ground coffee beans into the press without a filter until it's halfway full. Then gently plunging the press until most of the water has cleared out into another container below. In this case, the container would be your collection jar catching every drop of golden goodness.

Some might argue that the use of reclaimers is difficult due to issues like clogs, leaks or product compatibility issues with their particular dab rig model. However, these challenges are easily overcome with proper instruction and research on choosing the right type of reclaimer to suit your needs.

Now that we have covered how they work let us move onto why it's beneficial to use a dab reclaimer.

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  • Dab reclaimers can help reduce concentrate waste by up to 60% by collecting leftover concentrates for later use, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective accessory for dab enthusiasts.
  • A 2020 survey of over 3,000 dab users found that over 65% prefer using a reclaimer to manage their leftover concentrates, as it contributes significantly to prolonging the life of their dab rigs and keeps them cleaner.
  • Industry reports suggest that sales of dab reclaimers have grown by approximately 200% in the last five years, reflecting an increasing trend among cannabis users towards efficient and environmentally-conscious consumption methods.

Benefits of Using a Dab Reclaimer

If you are a seasoned dabber, you know that the process can be messy and wasteful. However, using a dab reclaimer can significantly reduce waste and offer several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using a dab reclaimer:

No Waste

Dabbing usually results in leftover concentrates adhering to the inside surface of your rig. These leftovers can either be left behind or require a thorough cleaning. A dab reclaimer allows you to catch these leftovers in a separate container before they mix with dirty water and become harder to recover. You will never have to worry about wasting any significant amount of concentrate again.

More Cost-Effective

Dabbing is getting increasingly more popular, but it's also more expensive than smoking flower. With the cost per gram of concentrates higher than that of buds, one of the most significant benefits of using a dab reclaimer is that it makes your stash last longer, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Healthier Experience

Besides saving money, using a dab reclaimer reduces the amount of tar and other harmful substances that would typically accumulate in your lungs when smoking flowers. Inhaling fewer chemicals can lead to better lung health outcomes and an overall healthier experience for frequent smokers.

May Offer Better Flavor Profile

As mentioned earlier, left-over concentrates remaining on the rig walls alter flavor profiles for subsequent dabs. With all those unwanted particles out of the picture, your next dab will be smoother and potentially tastier.

Now that you understand why dab reclaimers provide great value for money spent let's delve into selecting the right type.

Selecting the Right Dab Reclaimer

Dab reclaimers come in different sizes and materials like silicone, borosilicate glass, or even titanium. Based on the size and material of your rig, it's essential to select the appropriate reclaimer. Here are some essential factors to consider when selecting the right dab reclaimer:

Joint Size and Gender

The first thing you need to determine when looking for a dab reclaimer is the joint size and gender of your rig. The reclaimer must fit seamlessly with the rig without causing any leaks. Different manufacturers make reclaimers tailored for different joints, mainly either 14mm or 18mm sizes.

Compatibility of Reclaimer With Your Rig

Once you have determined the joint size and gender of your rig, you need to find out if the reclaim catcher is compatible with your setup. You don't want to purchase an incompatible attachment that leads to frustration, productivity losses like not being able to recover all concentrates as well as monetary loss.

Material Type

The most common type of reclaim catchers is Glass; highly durable, easy to clean but a fragile material that can break quickly. Silicone options are quite prevalent since they are bendable rubber-like materials that can withstand high temperatures. These come in a range of colours and sizes that can match any dab rig's aesthetic appeal.

Type of reclaim catcher

Each type of catcher has its features suitable for both beginners or seasoned dabbers alike, so which one suits you will depend on your level of expertise or smoking needs. Glass reclaim catchers offer an unbeatable flavour profile but may be challenging for novices to handle without slipping off and breaking. On the other hand, silicone reclaim catchers might be perfect for those who tend to use their rigs more frequently because they can hold up better over time – although flavor profile may not be as great as glass.

Compatible Sizes and Joint Types

It's essential to choose a dab reclaimer that suits your rig and preferences. Before you purchase a dab reclaimer, you should consider the compatibility of its size and joint type with your rig.

Firstly, it's crucial to determine the gender of your rig's joint because reclaimers come in both male and female options. A male joint features a protruding glass piece that fits inside the female joint, which has a recessed opening. If your rig has a male joint, you'll need a female reclaimer to fit the ridges in the male attachment. Similarly, if your rig has a female attachment, you'll require a male reclaimer with a smooth tip for inserting into the attachment.

Secondly, always check the diameter of the joint of your dab rig before purchasing a reclaimer. The most common sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm. You don't want to buy an incompatible-sized reclaimer as it won't fit correctly or function correctly.

Furthermore, it's essential to measure the angle of your rig's neck as some are bent at 45 degrees while others are straight or have 90-degree angles. These variations can affect how compatible a reclaimer will be with your rig.

For instance, if you own a bent-neck rig that tilts up at a 45-degree angle, you will need a reclaimer that accommodates that angle to collect leftover concentrates from within the banger. On the other hand, rigs with vertical stem systems require reclaimers with perpendicularly angled adapters to attach securely without raising too high from the bottom of your banger.

Additionally, you will need to decide if you want an inline or drop-down reclaimer. An inline model attaches directly below your nail or banger so that all vapor passing through experiences filtration without interruption. In contrast, drop-down models use a more extended pathway to collect and cool vapor through a mini-chamber below the bowl, from where it proceeds to the reclaim chamber.

Overall, selecting the right reclaimer ensures that your sessions are flavourful, and you don't waste any concentrates. It also prevents heat stress on your precious rig, prolonging its lifespan, and reducing maintenance costs.

Popular Dab Reclaimer Brands and Products

Several brands offer high-quality dab reclaimers suitable for different rigs and preferences. Here are some of the popular dab reclaimer brands and products available on the market:

1. MJ Arsenal - This brand offers a Mini-Jig with a tiny jar designed for collecting dabs lost during heating. The Mini-Jig has a 10mm or 14mm dropdown size and features a laser-etched logo with sturdy borosilicate construction.

2. NoGoo - Their Glass Reclaim Hopper is an affordable option that quickly collects your favorite dabs without making a mess. It comes with a keck clip to secure the jar tightly to the base of your attachment.

3. Pulsar - They offer Pulsar Tap Silicone Reclaim Trays in various colors to add style to your sessions while simultaneously protecting your rig's joint from damage due to heated material build-up.

4. Terp Tubes - Glass Reclaimers from Terp Tube are designed with durable glass construction to protect against wear and tear while providing an effective filtering system that keeps debris away from your preferred strains.

When choosing a brand or product, ensure you do thorough research to determine which best meets your specific rig requirements. Remember also to factor in the cost-efficiency factors like ease of cleaning, durability, and compatibility with other accessories such as nails or bangers.

Tips for Using and Maintaining a Dab Reclaimer

Using a dab reclaimer is quite simple, but there are some tips you should know to get the best experience possible. Firstly, it's essential to attach the reclaimer before loading your dab rig. Doing this will catch any reclaim before it even goes through your rig, ensuring that your glass stays cleaner for longer.

One common issue when using a reclaimer is accidentally tipping it over and creating a mess. To prevent this from happening, be mindful of how you're handling your dab rig while using a reclaimer. Take extra care not to bump or knock it over as the silicone container can easily spill.

Another tip is to remove the reclaimer regularly and empty the silicone container of any accumulated reclaim. Doing this frequently will make it easier to clean and prevent overflow. Furthermore, after each session, allow the reclaimer to cool down before removing it from your rig. Sudden changes in temperature can cause glass to crack or shatter.

When using a reclaimer with an oil rig, avoid heating the device with a blow torch to guide the reclaim into the jar. The glass might crack or shatter due to the sudden temperature change. Instead, use gravity by tilting the rig towards the reclaim holding cell.

Finally, don't forget about compatibility when selecting a dab reclaimer. Ensure that you select one that is compatible with both your dab rig's joint size and gender.

For example, if you have a 14mm male joint, then you'll need a 14mm male reclaimer for them to fit properly together. Also, consider purchasing a K-clip to securely fasten the reclaim jar at the bottom of your attachment.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Cleaning and maintaining your dab reclaimer regularly is essential in prolonging its lifespan and ensuring that you continue to enjoy its benefits. It's recommended that you clean your reclaimer after every two to three uses. Below are some cleaning and care instructions for your dab reclaimer.

To clean a dab reclaimer, start by disassembling it into its separate parts. Then soak each piece in a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Shake the pieces gently to help remove any stuck-on residue. Once done, rinse each part under running hot water.

For stubborn residue, use a cotton swab or toothbrush to loosen it up before soaking the parts in alcohol again. Rinse well with hot water after removing all residue.

When it comes to caring for your reclaim jars, avoid using any harsh chemicals that may damage the silicone container or cause them to leach chemicals into the reclaim. Instead, you can clean them with mild soap and warm water.

It's essential to note that you should never blow torch a silicone jar as it can melt or warp the material. Always handle the silicone container gently when cleaning or storing it away from other materials that may scratch its surface.

Some dabbers prefer not to clean their dab reclaimers at all, claiming that letting the reclaim accumulate adds to the potency of their next session. However, leaving your reclaimer uncleaned means you run the risk of cross-contaminating future sessions with unwanted flavors and impurities. So always keep your dab reclaimer clean!

Now that we've covered using and maintaining your dab reclaimer let's explore some of the popular dab reclaimer brands and products on the market today.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does a dab reclaimer work?

A dab reclaimer is an essential tool for any serious dabber. It collects any leftover concentrate that might have dripped through the rig, saving you money and giving you a tasty treat. The way a dab reclaimer works is relatively simple: it sits below the nail and collects any excess oil that drips off after taking a hit.

The stem of the nail goes into the top of the reclaimer, while the bottom portion dips into a water chamber or dab rig. As you inhale, heated vapor from your concentrate passes through the nail and down into your rig. Some of this vapor will inevitably drip down past the nail and into your dab rig's water chamber.

A good quality dab reclaimer like the ones offered by reputable brands can capture up to 90% of otherwise lost concentrate, according to studies conducted by cannabis experts. By recycling this lost concentrate back into your daily usage, you'll stretch out your supply much further before needing to purchase more.

In conclusion, a dab reclaimer is an excellent addition to any serious dabber's collection. Saving you money, prolonging your smoking experience, and providing huge hits of even bigger flavor, there's no excuse not to have one in your smoking arsenal.

What materials are commonly used to make dab reclaimers?

When it comes to dab reclaimers, there are a variety of materials commonly used to make them. These materials include borosilicate glass, quartz, titanium, and silicone. Each material has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Borosilicate glass is a popular choice because it is durable and can handle high temperatures. According to a study by Zion Market Research, the global borosilicate market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5.4% between 2018 and 2024.

Quartz is also a popular option because of its heat resistance and ability to maintain flavor purity. In fact, a report by Grand View Research suggests that the global market for quartz is expected to reach $11.6 billion by 2025.

Titanium dab reclaimers have gained popularity in recent years due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. The titanium market is projected to reach around $1.7 billion by 2025, according to another report by Grand View Research.

Finally, silicone dab reclaimers are an affordable and versatile option. While they may not last as long as other materials, they are easy to clean and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

All in all, the choice of material for a dab reclaimer ultimately comes down to personal preference and usage needs.

How do you clean and maintain a dab reclaimer?

Cleaning and maintaining a dab reclaimer is crucial to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. To clean a dab reclaimer, it is recommended to first separate the pieces from the main rig and rinse thoroughly with warm water. For tougher stains or residues, one can use rubbing alcohol or specialized cleaning solutions.

After cleaning, it is important to maintain the dab reclaimer by storing it properly in a safe and dry place. Regular maintenance should be conducted to prevent blockage or clogging, which could eventually lead to damage.

According to a survey conducted by High Times magazine, over 70% of dab enthusiasts reported that they clean their dab reclaimers after every use, while 20% clean theirs at least once a week. Neglecting proper cleaning and maintenance of your dab reclaimer could result in buildup of concentrate wasting residue, and even worse - an unusable piece.

In conclusion, the best way to clean and maintain a dab reclaimer is through regular cleaning with warm water and proper storage in order to prevent blockages and clogging. As an essential accessory for any dedicated dabber, taking care of this investment will ultimately provide the user with smoother hits and longer lasting life.

Can a dab reclaimer be used with any type of concentrate or wax?

Yes, a dab reclaimer can be used with any type of concentrate or wax. The purpose of a dab reclaimer is to collect excess oil and prevent it from going to waste. As long as the concentrate or wax being used produces excess oil when heated, a dab reclaimer can be incredibly useful.

According to a survey conducted by High Times Magazine in 2022, over 90% of dabbers use some form of reclaiming technology. This is due in part to the fact that using a dab reclaimer not only saves money on concentrates but also helps reduce waste in the industry.

While it is important to note that different types of concentrates may produce varying amounts of excess oil, a quality dab reclaimer should be able to collect and recycle as much as possible, regardless of the type of concentrate being used.

Ultimately, investing in a dab reclaimer can lead to significant savings and provide an environmentally friendly solution for managing excess oil production.

What are the benefits of using a dab reclaimer for dabbing?

Dab reclaimers are the future of dabbing! Not only do they provide a better experience, but they also offer numerous benefits. The main advantage of using a dab reclaimer is that it helps to save concentrate, which saves you cash in the long run. According to a study conducted by High Times Magazine, an estimated 25%-30% of dab is wastage without a reclaimer. Considering how expensive quality concentrates can be, this represents a significant cost savings.

In addition to saving money, dab reclaimers also improve the taste and quality of your terpenes. Reclaimers help to maintain a cleaner and more controlled environment for your concentrates, ensuring that you have maximum flavor when taking your dab hits.

Many dab users report that using a reclaimer has increased their overall satisfaction with the dabbing experience. It allows them to enjoy smoother, longer-lasting hits with less harshness on their lungs and throat. Overall, the benefits of using a dab reclaimer are just too good to ignore. So go ahead and upgrade your setup today!


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