Eyce 2.0 Pipe Kit

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EYCE 2.0 delivers an unparalleled smoking experience, offering frozen flower rips in just a few steps. The EYCE 2.0 kit includes everything you need to make a single frozen water bong, delivering smoke as cool as 26° F. The EYCE FDA Food-Grade silicone mold creates an all-ice chamber compatible with any standard 9mm slide (and is convertible to rig use). One EYCE mold kit makes endless EYCE bongs.

Depending on your freezer, it takes about 9-12 hours to freeze completely. Immediately popping EYCE back in the freezer between bowls makes EYCE last upwards of days, if not weeks depending on use. But, making additional EYCE bongs is simple via EYCE Pipe Kits (sold separately), which make an easy up-sell. EYCE makes a great anytime gift!


  • FDA Food-Grade Silicone Mold
  • Offers Frozen Flower Rips
  • Extra Pipe Kits Make A Great Up-Sell

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