Rupert's Drop

Concentrate Plasma Vapor Straw - Solid Quartz


The 100% pure quartz concentrate vapor straw is the simplest method for vaporizing a variety of concentrates. Quartz is the purest material for dabs due to its incredible durability, heat resilience, and toughness! Compact and convenient. Just heat the tip and dab away! Dab straws are a simple version of a nectar collector and make for an excellent portable option.

  • 4.5" long - 7/16 dia
  •  Plasma gun style dab straw
  • Solid quartz
  • mported and tested for quality

How To Use A Dab Straw

We recommend using it in combination with a torch and dab dish. Pull a small amount of concentrate to the edge of your dab dish, heat the tip of the quartz straw, and lightly tap its edge at the 30-45 degree angle to the concentrate in the corner of your dab dish. Inhale like you're sipping from a straw.