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The Dab Insert Accessory Kit is one of our most comprehensive sets and is an unbelievable value! If you are somebody with a large dab rig collection or just want to change it up, this banger insert is the best set for you.


A collection of different dabbing inserts and accessories like this can be time-consuming to find and expensive to acquire, but the Dab Insert Accessory set has everything you need in one convenient package and at a great value! It is hard for any dabber to resist picking one of these up.


The set includes six quartz bucket inserts in sizes 15mm, 18mm, and 20mm and six quartz dab pearls in sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.


Additionally, the package includes a marble set, capsules, pearls, bats, and dab screws made of borosilicate glass. Stainless steel dab tools and tweezers are also included.


Fill out your setup with this wide array of choices from insert cups to terp pearls, to bats to dab straws and more. You or the dabber in your life will not be disappointed with all of the options that the Dab Insert Accessory Kit offers.


Insert sets and dab claw colors can vary.


The Dab Insert Accessory Kit includes...

  • 2x 4mm quartz pearls
  • 3x 6mm quartz pearls
  • 1x 8mm quartz pearl
  • 1x 10mm quartz pearl
  • 2x 6mm capsules
  • 1x 15 mm quartz insert dish
  • 1x 18mm quartz insert dish
  • 1x 20mm quartz insert Dish
  • 1x 15mm quartz knot
  • 1x 18mm quartz knot
  • 1x 20mm quartz knot
  • 3x 20mm marbles
  • 1x 11mm marble
  • 1x glass bat
  • 1x 1 glass screw
  • 1x dab claw
  • 1x pair of tweezers



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