• Outer Diameter - 25mm
    • Thickness - 2mm
    • Base Thickness - 4mm
    • Edge - Flat Top
    • 45° Frosted Joint
    • Butane Torch Recommended
    • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
    • Recommend Carb Cap(s) - HONEY TOPPER CARB CAP

    They say fat-bottomed girls make the rocking world go round but the Fat Bottom 45° Degree is what's getting our world going. These quartz bangers are bringing a level of beauty that remains unsurpassed in the dabbing industry. For all of your extracts, the Fat Bottom 45° Degree is going to bring you the level of heat you need to blast some concentrate.


    The Fat Bottom 45° Degree features an outer diameter of 25mm, allowing some serious slabbage to fit in the chamber. And with a 2mm thickness, you'll find these are incredibly durable, allowing you to swerve the delicate glass pieces found elsewhere. The base thickness is a whopping 4mm, allowing this piece to withstand heat like no other. And that 45° frosted joint brings an aesthetic that gets wide eyes whenever it's on display.


    They come 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm in Size. And you'll have the option to get it with a Male or Female connection, ensuring it'll work with the rig you own. Get your sesh to the next level with the Fat Bottom 45° Degree.


    And if you pair this banger with our Honey Topper Carb Cap, you'll have an even better experience. Because a perfect carb cap is an important part of a good dabbing session.


    And for those who need a silicone container to hold their oil with ease, make sure to grab 3 packs of Silicone Slicks!


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