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MiniNail Quartz Banger Enail Kit


Product Information


Compatible with: Mini Nail E-Nail Replacement Parts

Upgrade your dabbing game with the revolutionary Quartz Banger Enail Kit, designed to provide a flawless temperature control and an unparalleled vaporizing experience every time.

  • Temperature Range: 0°F to 1000°F
  • Used with Mini Nail 25mm (Bucket Diameter) Banger
  • Smart Device Compatible
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Made in the USA, Seattle Washington

1 x Mini Nail Controller Box
1 x Hybrid Heater Coil
1 x 14mm Quartz Banger (25mm Diameter Bucket)
1 x Dabber / Carb Cap
1 x Power Cord
1 x Small Slab Pad
1 x Set of Stickers

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