Honeybee Herb


  • 2 pack of replacement moon rocks.

Moon Rocks, also known as Health Stones, are inert and porous carbon stones that pair with a special nail, like our Titanium 6-in-1 Moon Rock nail. These stones are similar to pumice stone, and it does not produce any harmful vapors when heated and used. These bad boys handle the slabs like no other, bringing an entirely new and incredible dabbing experience you won't soon forget. The Moon Rock carbon insert distributes even heat retention and allows your CBD concentrates to vaporize slowly producing big clouds and tasty flavors.

Need to replace your moon rocks with your Titanium 6-in-1 Moon Rock? Perhaps you're looking for some moon rock replacements to have on hand, just in case? Well, whatever the reason, the Moon Rock Replacements are going to rock your world. The best replacement moon rocks this industry has to offer combine serious durability with unbelievable performance.