Honeybee Herb


  • Two pack of replacement quartz dishes for Hybrid

This is a 2-pack of quality dishes of quartz inserts. You'll choose between a 22.5mm or 25mm size for your dishes. And regardless of the size you choose, know you're getting quality quartz dishes sporting some serious durability. All in all, there's no better option on the market than these awesome quartz dishes. So if you're considering purchasing these spare hybrid quartz dishes, add them to your cart right now without second-guessing your decision!


Considering a hybrid enail? Then you need the Titanium 6-in-1 Hybrid! This hybrid e-nail is forged from top-notch Grade 2 Titanium, ensuring you're getting a durable piece that'll last until the end of time. And while it comes with a quartz dish already, it's always good to have backups just in case! The required size for the enail would be the 25mm dish. If you are looking at any of our Titanium Torch Nails, the required size would be the 22.5mm dish. Add it to your cart and enjoy this winning combination!