SLIDER Pipe - Cutting edge waterless cooling portable pipe


Experience the ultimate protection for your lungs and throat with our SLIDER Pipe. Featuring waterless cooling and filtration tech, this portable smoking pipe is the best of the best!

SLIDER Pipe fits perfectly in your pocket with a retractable bowl to hide your goods when you're on the go. When you're not smoking, your tobacco or legal dry flower will stay put. The retracted bowl will also put the cherry out faster, keeping your fingers and lighter from getting messy. Plus, you preserve more of your dry flower and money!

This smoke is incredibly smooth and light. The cooler and cleaner composition of the smoke allows for minimal coughing and helps to protect the lungs from resin and tar.


  • Cools smoke down
  • Blocks resin and tar
  • Smooths the smoke
  • Protects your lungs
  • Removable mouth tip (doubles as a joint filter tip)
  • Eliminates virus spread
  • Retractable bowl (refillable with PODs)
  • Very easy to clean