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Ploom Pax Vaporizer Review

By admin / April 10, 2021
pax ploom tobacco vaporizers

SWT Grade: B (83.4%)
MSRP: $199.99 

The original Pax jump-started portable vaporizer use and market innovation. In some ways, Pax may not have expected such prominent use of it’s product. It sold for over $200—not quite a consumer good—and had its own flaws. Mouthpieces stuck, batteries wore out, chambers clogged. But its immediate use, design, and customer support continues its reputation as one of the popular portable vaporizers out in the market.

1. Longevity: 8

  • Brand legitimacy: 9
    Ploom is the most popular dry herb vaporizer company, with research and acumen to support their impeccable marketing.

  • Long Term usage: 8
    The Pax mouthpiece sticks too often, requiring more consistent cleaning. Most conduction models tend to require more maintenance for the chamber.
  • Battery Life: 7
    The Pax was remarkable for its quality batteries, which hold over an hour charge with less than an hour charging.

2. Value: 8.7

  • Warrantee: 10
    Pax’s 10-Year-Warranty shows a dedication to their product. And their follow through helps make them the best customer service of the American portable vaporizer companies.
  • Discounts: 7
    Pax’s price has lowered about $30-50 since the release of Pax 2, perhaps still a little too high to catch new customers
  • Troubleshooting: 9
    a. Company support: 9
    Pax forged a great reputation for thorough customer support.
    b. Online advice: 9
    Pax modifications, bowl cleaning, or concerns charging can all be discovered online.

3. Design: 9

  • Style: 10
    There’s a reason the model shows up at the Academy Awards and Comedy Central’s Broad City: it is the flawlessly designed ipod of vaporizers.
  • Portability: 8
    While it’s smaller and slimmer than the G-Pens, the Pax is more “purse portable” than “pocket portable”.
  • Durability: 9
    Pax’s casing is quite strong, and has been one of the more tested vaporizers as far as durability is concerned.

4. Hardware: 7.7

  • Heating element: 8
    Pax has a wide, shallow rectangular oven that heats herbs well, if unevenly, requiring repacking of the material.
  • Charging: 7
    Pax has a quick reload time of an hour, but doesn’t offer pass-through or USB charging. Users have found some difficulty charging issues with its docks.
  • Temperature: 8
    Pax has great temperature control for a convection oven. However, it’s not uncommon to have to push down the mouth-piece to keep the unit heating.

5. Performance: 8.3

  • Flavor: 8
    Pax’s flavor is decent, however there is still a slight residual plastic and toasting flavor.
  • Draw resistance: 8
    Both Pax models have greater draw resistance than other, cheaper models. However, it’s guaranteed to be a better quality of air than imitators.
  • Vapor quality: 9
    Pax’s vapor quality is probably some of the best for a conduction model. It’s strong and can produce large, generally smooth clouds with little puffs.
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