Storz & Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer Review

Storz & Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer Review

Jun 09, 2023Andy Wang

Storz & Bickel’s Mighty Portable Vaporizer

mighty portable vape

Germany’s Storz & Bickel offer an incomparable vaporizing standard, laying a lasting foundation for future vaporizers with only two portable and two desktop models. The Mighty vaporizer is a multi-use, semi-convection vaporizer that aims to create the highest quality, mobile vapor, and sets a bar higher than any other “pocket portable vape”. In the high price range, S & B maintain excellent customer service and ergonomic design features for cleaning and maintenance. But it is the Mighty’s vapor performance that grabs most buyers, and eventually helps justify the model’s price.

Storz & Bickel basically invented the dry herb vaporizer, their Volcano reigning as both the most popular and best performing models yet. Their meticulous design, and customer service maintain the company’s reputation.

mighty vape taken apartUsage & Battery Life

Its multiple pieces and cooling unit require cleaning, a process designed to be easy yet thorough. Roughly ninety minutes of use with a two-hour charge time, and a sixty second auto-shut off, the Mighty uses two Lithium Ion batteries that are only replaceable through the manufacturer. They offer a 2 Year Warrantee at date of purchase, covering all parts.

Company support is quite good, despite taking more time than other companies. They have been known to replace models out of warranty.

There is ample online advice for Mods, as well as help filling the chambers and cleaning.

Portability & Durability

The Mighty is certainly inconspicuous, but far from stylish. The company specializes in a sort of industrial aesthetic, certainly reflected in their portable and sedentary models. Little touches bear its functional design, like the modular bowl pick/ tamper that fits in the bottom.

Rivaling even the Arizer Solo in size, The Mighty is not meant to be “pocket portable”, but it can be slipped into a large pocket. Its inability to physically stand up is a concern, but a light-weight build makes it less cumbersome.

The ergonomic design is built such that the internal hardware is protected, but potentially at the expense of cosmetic features such as chipping plastic.


mighty crafty portability

Heating & Charging

The Mighty offers a conduction/ convection hybrid, with a conductive chamber for the material, and convection used to draw vapor through the cooling chamber.

Pass-through charging available, though no USB, due to higher battery capacity.

The levels go from 104°F - 410°F. However, unlike other portables, the heat setting covers every increment in-between.

mighty heating

Flavor & Performance

The flavor is excellent, but the cooling chamber seems to cut down on the flavonoids—only slightly—in ways the Arizer and Ascent whips don’t.

There is almost no pull to the Mighty’s hybrid airflow, which amazingly produces a high volume of vapor.

The best part about the vapor is the cooling mechanism, which is unprecedented for a portable vape. The Mighty creates the strongest, most lustrous vapor of any vaporizer, portable or sedentary.

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