Ploom Pax 2 Review

Jun 09, 2023Andy Wang

SWT Grade: B+ (85.6%)
MSRP: $279.99 

While it’s smaller and more streamlined, the Pax 2 offers only slight improvements over its original model. Its metal conduction heating and draw resistance have improved, but some might find at the cost of convenience. Still, Ploom’s quality research and build make either Pax model a solid investment. If portability, style, and longevity are your greatest concerns, then Pax 2 is most definitely the model for you.

1. Longevity: 8.3

  • Brand legitimacy: 9
    Ploom’s 10-year, total coverage warrantee on the Pax 2 is a bold statement of the company’s intent

  • Long Term usage: 8
    As the most popular vape on the market, any long-term concerns would have arisen very quickly.
  • Battery Life: 7
    Battery life has increased slightly, about 20 minutes greater battery life, at just over an hour. The lip-sensing technology is intended to conserve battery power, but it may just be a gimmick. The Pax batteries are still not replaceable.

2. Value: 9.2

  • Warrantee: 10
    Pax has the best customer support of any of the American vaporizer companies. Even before their no-questions-asked warrantee, Ploom was not shy to replace models of necessary.
  • Discounts: 8
    It seems fair that the Pax 2 costs the same amount as a Pax did in 2012. Given the wider, innovative market now, it may be pushing its’ nearly $300 sticker price.
  • Troubleshooting: 9.5
    a. Company support: 10
    Pax customers love the customer support, which is very helpful and also willing to send replacement models.
    b. Online advice: 9
    Hidden settings, hardware peeks, water Pipe mods: online support for the Pax 2 is already very strong.

3. Design: 9

  • Style: 9
    There are very few changes in style, other than ergonomic qualities such as detachable mouthpieces and seamless encasing. The sipping mechanism is innovative and works well.
  • Portability: 10
    It really is the best performing small vaporizer on the market. Notably tiny, the Pax 2 seems to have put greatest emphasis on pocket portability. But compared to the Pax, including its mouthpiece, the 2 is nearly the same size.
  • Durability: 8
    The hardware is more efficiently packed into its new, thinner shell. However, time will tell as to how major drops and weather shifts affect it.

4. Hardware: 8.3

  • Heating element: 8
    Pax 2 has a deeper, rounder bowl than the first model, offering more efficient heating. But it still requires stirring, and can cook unevenly.
  • Charging: 9
    No pass through or USB yet, still using the specialized Pax charging dock. A full charge may take up to two or three hours.
  • Temperature: 8
    Pax offers four temperature settings, 360°F-420°F, and has an automatic heating feature correlating with the Pax’s lip-sensing technology. The casing is thinner, but it doesn’t seem to affect heat.

5. Performance: 8

  • Flavor: 8
    The new chamber size and mouthpieces preserve the flavor only slightly better than the Pax.
  • Draw resistance: 8
    Draw resistance seems improved, but only slightly with the new mouthpieces. Pax’s conduction heating still makes it difficult to develop the more fluid vapor paths found on convection models.
  • Vapor quality: 9
    The quality is just about the same, slightly less harsh, though just as potent.

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