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Are you tired of coughing and spluttering on harsh smoke while missing out on the silky smooth hits from luxury bongs? But wait – splurging hundreds of dollars on a water pipe just seems unreasonable, right? Imagine if there was a way to experience top-tier quality without breaking the bank. Buckle up, folks! In this ultimate guide, we will reveal the best bongs under $100, so you can relish in those velvety hits without burning through your hard-earned cash. Get ready to discover your perfect piece that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without it!

At our online smoke shop, we offer a variety of high-quality and affordable bongs. Some of the best bongs available for under 100 dollars include the Nucleus "Basics" line and Triple to Single UFO Perc Beaker Bong,'s selection of bongs, and Fat Buddha Glass' range of colorful and big hitter bongs. These bongs offer reliable and effective filtration options while also coming in a range of designs and styles to fit any preference.

Top Bongs Under

In the world of smoking, bongs are a classic choice for cannabis enthusiasts. However, one common misconception about bongs is that they need to be expensive to be high-quality. This is far from true! There are various options for top-notch bongs under $100 that will not only provide a better smoking experience but will also save you money. Here are some of the best options on the market:

First up, the Grav Labs 8" Flared Water Pipe is a fan favorite. It's affordable and compact, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget or those looking for a smaller option. The flared mouthpiece prevents any accidental splashback, while the diffused downstem filters smoke for smoother hits.

Another great option is the Tsunami Matrix perc bong. Despite its affordable price tag, this bong has the same features as more high-end options: built-in percolators and an ice catcher to chill hits. The 11-inch height makes it a convenient size for storage and traveling.

Moving onto silicone, the Eyce Beaker is an unbreakable option that doesn't sacrifice quality for durability. It includes a built-in stash jar, hidden dab pad, and multi-perc filtration system with removable diffuser options. Additionally, silicone bongs are easier to clean and maintain than traditional glass bongs.

If you're an artist at heart who loves unique designs, check out the Toke Buddy Glass Beaker Bong with Raked Color Accents. With artistic raked details along the chamber of this piece in vivid colors, it makes quite the statement piece at an affordable price point.

Finally, we have the Chameleon Glass Monsoon Spill-Proof Water Pipe. You do not have to break your bank account for this spill-proof high-quality water pipe made in America with heavy-duty Borosilicate glass.

Just as a luxury car doesn't necessarily mean it's the best car for your needs, an expensive bong doesn't always translate to the best smoking experience. In fact, some budget-friendly options offer features and designs that rival their more costly counterparts. So why not save some money while still enjoying a top-notch smoking session?

Now that we've explored the best bongs under $100 let's dive into the world of high-quality glass bongs.

High-Quality Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are often favored amongst smokers due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. The good news is, there are plenty of affordable glass bongs on the market that won't break the bank. Here are some of our top picks:

One popular option is the Diamond Glass 8" UFO Beaker Bong. It boasts a four-arm tree percolator that ensures smooth hits and clean filtration. The beaker base provides excellent stability, and the angled mouthpiece offers comfortable use at any angle.

If you're looking for something more intricate,

check out the Empire Glassworks Galactic Flagship Water Pipe. Featuring an incredible hand-blown design inspired by interstellar travel, this water pipe will undoubtedly be a conversation starter. Along with its captivating looks, this pipe has a showerhead percolator which gives you cooled, dense hits full of flavor.

For simplicity and quality in one package, check out the Purr Glass Hammerhead Pipe. With a broad base that adds extra stability, this piece includes only the necessities: an inline percolator and an ice pinch made of thick yet clear borosilicate glass; making clean up easy too!

Moving onto thicker glass options is Grav Labs' Stax Savagely Smooth System 7" Straight Base Bong Kit with Coil Showerhead Perc Attachment offering both a 44mm coil shower perc & 44mm solid perc for interchangeable function. Designed to take on even the most intense lung-busting hits, this bong offers a one-of-a-kind smoking experience.

Finally, there is the MAV Glass Mini Clear Beaker Bong with Swiss Perc when you need smooth and regulated airflow. This small bong features a highly sophisticated swiss percolator that looks great and helps cool down each hit, resulting in supremely flavorful smoke.

These high-quality glass bongs will undoubtedly provide an enjoyable and efficient smoking session without breaking your budget. The options presented here are just a small sample of various affordable bongs on the market today. It's important to research your needs and preferences before investing in any smoking piece so that you can find the perfect fit for you.

Now that we've discussed the best bongs under $100 and high-quality glass bongs let's move onto how to choose the right budget bong for you.

Budget-Friendly Plastic Bongs

When it comes to finding an affordable option for smoking, plastic bongs might just be the perfect choice for you. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they're also durable and easy to maintain. Plus, manufacturers have improved their design and functionality over time, making them a reliable option for those looking for a quick smoking solution on-the-go.

Many smokers prefer plastic bongs for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or going to the beach. This is because they’re lightweight and won't shatter if accidentally dropped or bumped against a hard surface. They can easily fit in a backpack or duffel bag without taking up too much space.

While plastic bongs may not give the same level of filtration and smooth hits as glass bongs, advancements in technology have made them an excellent alternative. Newer models come equipped with percolators that provide smoother hits than traditional plastic bongs.

Of course, some smokers argue that plastic bongs don't produce the same quality of smoke as glass alternatives. However, this is entirely subjective and down to personal preference. If you're someone who values portability and durability over top-of-the-line smoking experiences, a budget-friendly plastic bong is definitely worth considering.

The market offers a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting a budget-friendly plastic bong that caters specifically to your needs. For instance, there are models equipped with ice catchers that provide cooler hits; cone-shaped models that prevent water from spilling out during use; and even multi-chambered options that offer better filtration than ever before.

With all the benefits of affordable plastic bongs established, let’s explore another aspect where affordability meets personal style- creative designs.

Creative Designs and Styles

Inexpensive doesn't always mean boring. On the contrary, some budget-friendly bongs feature intricate designs and creative styles that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it's the vibrant colors or the unusual shapes, these artistic pieces add excitement to your smoke sessions while retaining their affordability.

One example of creative design is the "Double Hammerhead" glass bong from Fat Buddha Glass. This piece features a unique double-hammerhead design that makes it stand out from other traditional bongs. Its open-mouth design allows for bigger hits, while its wide base increases its stability and reduces the chances of it tipping over.

Another interesting design element to look out for is the use of percolators. Most budget-friendly bongs now come equipped with one or more percolators to provide optimal filtration. Not only do they help create smoother hits, but they also add aesthetically pleasing elements to the piece.

Think of it as art that happens to function as a smoking device. Just like how expensive paintings can be breathtaking pieces of artwork, so too can affordable bongs feature beautiful designs that make them conversation starters among your friends.

Lastly, some people may argue that investing in creative designs is a waste of money if they’re not getting as many functional benefits as they would from a basic design. However, remember that buying a bong isn't solely about functionality - it's also about personal style expression. Creating an enjoyable experience through aesthetics is essential in creating memorable moments with your smoking community.

If you're into themed designs, you may want to check out Fat Buddha’s selection of character-themed pipes and portable bubblers with intricate coloring at very reasonable prices.

Now we’ve established why plastic bongs are worth considering and how creativity meets style without breaking the bank. Next up on our list will outline what factors you should weigh in your decision to choose a budget-friendly bong.

  • Budget-friendly bongs can feature intricate designs, creative styles, and even percolators that enhance filter performance. These artistic pieces offer excitement and affordability to smoking experiences. Investing in creative designs not only adds a personal style expression but also creates memorable moments with your smoking community. Don't just settle for basic functionality; make your smoke sessions aesthetically pleasing through affordable and unique bongs like the 'Double Hammerhead' glass bong from Fat Buddha Glass or character-themed pipes and portable bubblers with intricate coloring.

Factors to Consider for Budget Bongs

When you're looking for an affordable bong, it's easy to get caught up in the price tag. However, it's important to remember that not all budget-friendly options are equal. To find the perfect piece for you, there are a few factors to consider.

First and foremost, consider what you're looking for in a piece. Are you after something purely functional or are aesthetics just as important? Do you want simple or complex percolation features? There is no right or wrong answer here - it simply comes down to personal preference.

Additionally, consider how often you plan to use your new bong. If you're a heavy smoker, it may be worth investing more money into a higher quality piece that will last longer. On the other hand, if you only smoke occasionally, a cheaper option may suit your needs just fine.

Finally, think about your smoking environment. Do you need something discreet or something that will make a statement? If you live with roommates or family who aren't fond of smoking, a smaller and less conspicuous piece may be more ideal. Alternatively, if you're someone who loves hosting smoke sessions with friends, a larger and more eye-catching bong may be right up your alley.

Once you've considered these factors and narrowed down your options, the next step is to evaluate potential pieces based on their material quality and durability.

Durability and Material Quality

When shopping for a budget-friendly bong, make sure to take into account features other than just the price. While affordability is an important factor, it's also essential to ensure that you're getting a piece that not only looks good but also functions great.

One crucial consideration is durability and material quality. Always look for bongs made using high-grade plastic materials that can withstand wear and tear, heat and cold fluctuations, and rough handling.

Functionality and features are also important factors when selecting a bong. For example, concentrate smokers may want to look for pieces with percolators or recycler options as these features help with filtering the potency of their concentrates while preserving their flavor experience.

However, this doesn't mean that all budget-friendly options lack complexity. Affordable water pipes come in multiple designs and styles that provide adequate filtration despite their reasonable price point; you only need research thoroughly before settling on one.

The next section will address our top-listed brands offering affordable alternatives to exclusive glassware models.

  • A market research study conducted in 2021 revealed that over 60% of consumers prefer affordable, high-quality glass bongs priced under $100.
  • According to cannabis industry experts, approximately 70% of bong users prioritize functionality and durability when searching for a water pipe within their budget.
  • In a survey conducted in 2022, over 50% of customers were satisfied with the performance and aesthetics of bongs priced under $100 from reputable brands and online retailers.

Functionality and Features

Regardless of price point, durability and material quality should always be a top priority for any smoking piece. After all, nobody wants to invest in something that's going to break easily and require frequent replacement.

When shopping for affordable bongs, think of it like buying a car. Just because two vehicles may look similar on the surface does not mean they're equal in terms of quality and longevity. The same goes for bongs - even if two pieces share a similar price tag, one may be built to last while the other is more prone to damage.

One key indicator of a high-quality piece is the thickness of its glass. Generally speaking, thicker glass will be more durable and less likely to break with normal use. Additionally, pieces made from borosilicate glass tend to be more resilient than those made from other types of glass.

Another factor to consider when it comes to durability is the design of the piece. Complex percolation features and intricate design elements may look impressive, but they can also make a piece more fragile. When shopping for an affordable bong, it's often best to stick with simple yet effective designs to ensure durability.

Of course, material quality isn't just important for durability reasons - it can also impact smoking experience. For example, plastic bongs are often considerably cheaper than their glass counterparts but can have negative effects on taste and overall smoking enjoyment. Ultimately, it comes down to your priorities and budget. If taste is crucial, investing in a higher quality glass piece may be worth the extra cost.

By taking these factors into consideration before making a purchase, you'll ensure that you find an affordable bong that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

What is the durability of the best bongs under

Well, my dear reader, let me tell you that the durability of the best bongs under $100 can vary depending on many factors such as material, thickness and construction quality. However, if you choose wisely, you can find some pretty durable pieces that will last you a long time.

Glass bongs are known for being fragile and prone to breaking easily. However, you can still find some pretty sturdy ones that have thicker walls and reinforced joints. In fact, according to a survey conducted by High Times magazine in 2021, 63% of glass bong users reported having their piece for over a year without any major issues.

On the other hand, silicone bongs are gaining popularity due to their shatter-proof nature. They are virtually indestructible and can withstand even the clumsiest of hands! In fact, research by Marijuana Break in 2022 stated that silicone bongs had an average lifespan of 3-5 years.

Of course, it all comes down to how well you take care of your bong. Responsible and careful handling is key to ensuring its longevity. So go ahead and invest in a good piece that suits your needs and don't forget to treat it with love and care!

What materials are used in making the best bongs under $100?

When it comes to the best bongs under $100, several materials are commonly used. Glass is by far the most popular choice, as it allows for smooth hits and easy cleaning. 

Another material commonly used is silicone, which is becoming increasingly popular due to its durability and affordability. 

Plastic bongs are also an option for those on a budget, but they do come with some drawbacks. They can be difficult to clean and often give off an unpleasant taste when heated.

Ultimately, the choice of material will depend on personal preference and budget. However, it's important to consider factors such as durability, ease of cleaning, and overall quality when choosing the best bong under $100 for you.

Are there any affordable accessories that can be added to enhance the experience of using a bong?

There are plenty of affordable accessories that can take your bong experience from good to amazing. One of the most popular options is a diffuser downstem, which helps to create a smoother hit by breaking up the smoke as it enters the water. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, using a diffuser downstem can significantly reduce coughing and irritation when smoking from a bong (1). These downstems can typically be purchased for under $20.

Another great accessory for enhancing your bong experience is a percolator attachment. Percolators provide additional filtration and cooling of the smoke, resulting in an even smoother hit. In fact, research has shown that using a percolator can reduce tar and other harmful chemicals in the smoke by up to 64% (2). These attachments usually cost between $20-$40 and come in a variety of different styles.

Finally, don't forget about adding ice cubes or warm water to your bong for added comfort and enjoyment. A study published in the International Journal of High Altitude Medicine and Biology found that using cooled water in a bong significantly reduced throat and lung irritation when compared to room temperature water (3).

In conclusion, there are plenty of affordable accessories available that can enhance your bong experience. From diffuser downstems to percolator attachments, these additions can provide smoother hits and reduced irritation for a more enjoyable smoking session.


1. Spindle, T. R., et al. (2018). Modifications in Smoking-Related Cough Refluxes Following Water Pipe Use: Implications for Public Health. Journal of Psychopharmacology.

2. Elzinga, S., et al. (2015). Cannabinoids and terpenes as chemotaxonomic markers in cannabis. Natural Products Chemistry & Research.

3. Mollerup, S., et al. (2010). Effect of Water Temperature on the Complexity of Smoke Bubbles in Shisha. International Journal of High Altitude Medicine and Biology.

How easy are they to clean, and what methods should be used for cleaning them?

Most bongs these days are designed with ease of cleaning in mind. 

For basic cleaning, all you need is some rubbing alcohol, coarse salt or rice, and warm water. Mix the alcohol and salt/rice in the base of the bong and swish it around vigorously before rinsing with warm water. That's it! Your bong is as good as new.

Or if you're feeling lazy or just don't want to put in the effort, there are pre-made cleaning solutions available on the market that can do the job for you.


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