LA Pipes

"The Chong-Bong" Classic Straight


"The Chong-Bong" 10" tall classic straight bong with color and fume accents at the mouth and base. The 38mm diameter tube is just the right size opening for the perfect smoke density. Ice-pinch allows you to add ice to cool your smoke for a smooth hit. This bong features a pull-set bowl and stem design that that's classic and functional. Rubber grommets make for a air-tight seal when taking hits from the bong. The gathered and flared mouthpiece makes a for a nice feel around the mouth. A selection of beautiful color accents and solid silver fuming around the mouth and base of the pipe allow you to put your personal touch on the pipe of your choice. 

  • Approx 10 inches tall
  • 50mm diameter tubing
  • Ice pinch
  • Pull-stem bowl and stem with replaceable rubber grommets
  • Wrap and rake and solid silver fuming accents
  • Handmade in the USA