Smoke With This Acquires

Smoke With This, the distinguished online purveyor of high-end smoking and vaping products, is delighted to announce a monumental stride in our company’s journey. We've recently acquired, a key platform advocating for the legalization of marijuana in Michigan. This exciting merger represents a pioneering shift in our business operations, merging our legacy of superior smoking accessories with a new dimension of activism and advocacy for marijuana legalization.

Since our establishment, Smoke With This has been a cornerstone in the realm of premium smoking accessories. Our extensive product catalogue boasts a diverse range of top-tier products, including world-class bongs, advanced water pipes, glass hand pipes, cutting-edge dab rigs and pens, artisan-crafted hand pipes, and the finest selection of dry herb vaporizers, weed vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing only the best products, always ensuring we're elevating the smoking experience for our discerning clientele.

Smoke With This has carved its niche in the industry with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, reflected in our expertly curated selection, excellent customer service, and educational resources. Our knowledgeable team, always ready to guide our customers, has been integral to fostering a community of educated consumers who trust our brand for quality, transparency, and a premium smoking experience.

With the acquisition of, we are expanding our horizons beyond the sale of high-quality smoking accessories. has been instrumental in the fight for marijuana legalization in Michigan, employing advocacy, education, and community mobilization to progress towards a fair and regulated marijuana market. Their dedication to the cause perfectly aligns with our brand values at Smoke With This.

This new partnership underscores our commitment to not just provide high-quality products but to take an active role in shaping the future of the marijuana industry. By merging with, we're bringing together the world of premium smoking accessories with that of marijuana advocacy, furthering our mission to promote safe, responsible, and legal cannabis use.

As we embark on this new journey, Smoke With This will continue to be the leading source for premium smoking accessories, but with an expanded scope. We will now provide our customers with access to reliable information about marijuana legalization efforts, particularly in the state of Michigan. This combination of products and advocacy is our way of ensuring that our valued customers can engage in an elevated smoking experience, while also being informed about the legal status and potential benefits of marijuana.

The integration of Smoke With This and provides a seamless user experience where our customers can browse and purchase top-quality smoking accessories and stay updated on legalization efforts. This amalgamation means you can expect the same high level of service, quality, and dedication you've come to know from Smoke With This and, now united under one roof.

Our acquisition of is more than a business expansion. It's a groundbreaking evolution in our company's journey, reflecting our dedication to being an industry leader. As we venture into the realms of advocacy and education, we're setting a precedent for other businesses in our industry, demonstrating the importance of active engagement in the societal and legal contexts of our business.

At Smoke With This, we believe that the ultimate smoking experience is one that combines premium products with a deep understanding and awareness of the legal landscape. We're thrilled to facilitate this comprehensive experience by merging with Together, we're striving to make strides in marijuana legalization while providing a stellar array of products to enhance the smoking experience.

As we step into this exciting new chapter, we want to express our profound gratitude to our loyal customers for their continued support. Your trust in us fuels our motivation to provide the best services and products. With Smoke With This and combined, we promise to continually exceed your expectations, providing a broader range of services that fuse the world of premium smoking accessories with informed marijuana legalization advocacy. Welcome to a new era of quality, knowledge, and excitement at Smoke With This.

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