Bongs and Water Pipes

Choosing the right bong is a highly personal choice and can be a very difficult one to make. This guide will comprehensive cover each consideration you might have along your journey in picking the best new bong for your smoking needs. We've provided a TLDR bullet point list below for your reference:

It is essential to consider the many different types of bongs available in order to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Potential bong options range from beaker bongs, bent neck bongs, best bongs, glycerin coil bongs, percolator bongs, ice bongs, mini bongs, scientific borosilicate glass bongs, straight tube bongs, hurricane bongs, and artisan bongs made of sturdy glass made of Borosilicate to more delicate ceramic pieces, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes down to taste and maintenance.

Sometimes you might find that it might not necessarily be a bong that you prefer at all. Glass pipes, bubblers, dry herb vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, dab rigs, enails, electric dab rigs and dab rig reclaimers all offer a wide range of unique smoking experiences and it's worth spending the time to identify the type of smoking method and experience that works best for you and your needs.

How Much Do Bongs Cost Usually?

The cost of bongs varies widely depending on a multitude of factors such as the quality of its materials, design complexity, brand reputation, and additional filtration features. On the lower end of the spectrum, basic acrylic or glass bongs may range from $20 to $50. Mid-range options, which could include more intricate designs, higher-quality glass, or additional features like percolators, may fall in the range of $50 to $200.

High quality bongs, often crafted from premium materials like borosilicate glass, with intricate percolators, and unique designs, can cost anywhere from $200 to several thousand dollars. Custom or artist-designed bongs can also command premium prices and those are normally the ones that fall on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of cost.

Ultimately, the bong cost depends on individual preferences, desired features, and the level of craftsmanship involved in its production. It's advisable to explore various options and consider factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and brand reputation when making a purchase decision.

What Type of Bong is Best for Your Needs?

A glass bong with a percolator

Taking into account factors such as durability and cleaning effort can make all the difference between a good versus great experience while inhaling from a water pipe. Evaluating materials like silicone or acrylic and considering whether these types of bongs meet your needs are important steps that you need to take throughout this process. Many times, bongs and water pipes look great at the store or online, but when you actually buy one and start using it, you'll find there may be certain inconveniences that you didn't consider initially. These normally have something to do with the material that the bongs are made of, the amount of percs it has, the size of your bong bowl or other bong accessories, and how easy it is to maintain.

Borosilicate Glass Bong - Scientific Glass Water Pipes

Borosilicate glass is what makes a bong most desirable due to its fantastic characteristics. Like outstanding toughness, warmth tolerance and the assurance of a pollutant-free smoking experience. This type of glass can be found in many leading brands such as Empire Glassworks or Higher Standards. The benefit of smoking from a glass water bong made from this glass is because plastic bongs may release unhealthy toxins when smoked.

Higher Standards Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe Bong

Acrylic Bongs

A collection of colorful acrylic bongs for smoking cannabis

Acrylic bongs are perfect for someone who needs a temporary solution or is trying to stick within their budget. They can be great options for those who enjoy smoking while traveling or while hiking outdoors. Although they tend to be inexpensive and lightweight, the quality of smoke may not compare with that produced by other materials like glass or ceramic. For this reason, it’s important to consider any potential health risks when using acrylic products before making your purchase decision.

Bent Neck Bongs

Bent Neck bongs have bent necks (obviously) - the benefit of this is that sometimes the fire from the lighter or the smoke gets too close to the face and it can be an uncomfortable experience when your head is positioned awkwardly above the fire. It is exactly at the central point above a flame where the heat is the strongest, therefore always exercise caution when using a lighter. 

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are a great choice for those seeking portability and convenience. These durable, easy-to-clean devices provide users with flexibility when it comes to travel or outdoor smoking sessions. Silicone bongs do not tend to offer the same kind of smoothness in the hits you get from them when compared to their glass counterparts. The performance and taste is also not quite the same and can sometimes feel a little bit more harsh. A silicone bong does still produce an enjoyable smoking experience for some and the ease of use, cost-savings and convenience aspects of these silicone bongs outweigh their drawbacks for many.

Percolator Bongs vs Traditional Glass Bongs

A bong with a honeycomb percolator

Premium percolator bongs are designed to filter and cool the smoke before inhalation, making for a much more pleasant smoking experience. These bongs offer varying levels of water filtration and diffusion based on what kind is used. Not only do they make hits smoother, but also reduce any impurities that may be present in the air, creating an invigorating yet gentle sensation with every breath taken from them. The additional percolators serve as additional steps in the filtration process, making your hit smoother with each perc.

We carry a wide variety of percolator bongs. including:
Honeycomb Bongs
Tree Bongs
Inline Bongs
Ice Bongs with Percolators
Diffused Downstem Percolator Bongs
Showerhead Bongs
Hurricane Bongs
Swiss Bongs

Honeycomb Bongs

The small holes on a honeycomb percolator bong is structured in a unique formation that mimics the shape of a honeycomb, providing an effective smoke diffusion. This ensures cleaner and healthier inhalations for smokers without sacrificing any comfort or drag from the experience.

Not only does this give users incredibly smooth inhalations, but they also get to enjoy toxin-free hits each time – thanks to these wonderful little ‘honeycombs’!

Tree Bongs

Tree percolator glass bongs are a great choice when it comes to amping up the filtration of your body. The appearance can be described as having multiple glass arms extending from the main chamber, like branches on a tree, helping mix and filter smoke for an enjoyable experience.

Despite their intricate design making them hard to clean, these kinds of percolators provide significant benefits in terms of filtering out impurities that make smoking smoother all around!

Inline Bongs

For those seeking a balance between smoke and vapor flow without sacrificing smooth inhalation, an inline perc is the perfect solution. This piece of filtration apparatus features one horizontal tube with finely gridded slits which provide superior diffusion while maintaining adequate airflow. Their combined performance makes them immensely popular among bong aficionados for providing a truly gratifying experience.

Ice Bongs with Percolators

Experience the next level of smoking satisfaction with our bongs featuring a percolator, offering unparalleled benefits over traditional options. The built-in percolator ensures a smoother and cooler hit by diffusing smoke through water, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable taste. The addition of ice cubes not only further cools the smoke but also provides an extra layer of comfort for your throat and lungs, reducing harshness. The innovative design of our ice bongs with percolators enhances filtration, removing impurities and delivering a smoother draw every time. Say goodbye to harsh coughs and hello to a heightened smoking experience that combines the best of cooling technology and advanced percolation, making our ice bongs with percolators the go-to choice for discerning smokers. Elevate your sessions and savor the pure, flavorful essence of your favorite herbs with this superior smoking accessory.

Bong Sizes and Styles: Finding the Perfect Fit

pipe, weed, grass

When selecting the perfect bongs and water pipes to meet your requirements and tastes, size and style are key considerations. From mini versions for those on the go to bigger ones which can bring massive hits, there is a vast range of alternatives available.

This article will investigate some popular varieties such as straight tube bongs, mini sizes suitable for traveling with ease, along with robust beaker models all aiming to guide you in finding exactly what you need.

Mini Bongs

Mini bongs are the ideal smoking accessory for people who prioritize portability, convenience and a small footprint. This water pipe and glassware, including an ice bong or classic water pipe, deliver all of the functionality of their full-sized counterparts in an impressively compact form factor.

For smokers that travel often or don’t have access to much storage space, a mini bong provides quick gratification without lengthy set up time. They make perfect companions when on the go! These devices offer simple setup making them great options for those who want ease coupled with efficiency, something we know many smokers value highly today.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs have become a widely recognized smoking instrument due to their stability and larger water volume, making them ideal for beginners and experienced smokers. This increased capacity of liquid allows the user to experience smoother hits as well as having an easier time cleaning up afterwards. One of our most popular beaker bongs is the Higher Standards beaker bong. It is one of those classic beaker bongs that is priced very reasonably and has medical grade glass material and can withstand many accidents as a result of that. Another option is to consider adding a downstem percolator to your beaker bong. The downstream percolator linked between the joint and liquid works as a conduit that guides smoke through it into diffusion stages more effectively than other designs. In summary, beaker bongs are both great in terms of performance and convenience, which is why they remain popular among all types of users today!

Straight Tube Bongs

For those who prioritize convenience and easy usage, straight tube glass bongs are the go-to option. Boasting a simple design that offers an uncomplicated smoking experience while requiring minimal maintenance for cleaning purposes, this classic style is favored by many smokers.

Straight tube bongs also offer great efficiency when it comes to their smoking capabilities without having any complex features or parts attached to them which makes these bongs ideal choices in terms of value and practicality. Most customers enjoy the simplicity, footprint and experience taking a hit from a straight tube bong and we're confident you can't go wrong with one! Another benefit of a straight tube bong is in its customizability. You can add any number of downstems or bubbler bowls to further enhance your experience.

Customizing Your Bong with Accessories

When it comes to your glass bong setup, adding accessories can help customize and improve your smoking experience. There are a variety of popular items that you might want to consider using in order to create the perfect bong for your needs. From bowls and ash catchers to other fun additions, with these add-ons you’ll have everything necessary for an enjoyable time.

Accessorizing your bong is a great way both personalize it and make sure all parts perform at their best potential, so take some time exploring what options are available on the market today! By choosing high quality bong accessories like those we mentioned above, not only will they work better but also last longer giving any smoker countless sessions ahead while looking fresh too.


The choice of bowl for your water pipe can make quite an impact on the size and feel of your smoking session, as well as personalizing it. Different bowls come in different sizes, which enables you to pick out one that best suits both your device and desired use.

Adding a new bowl increases the capacity within it, allowing for longer sessions with more substantial effects too!

Ash Catchers

An ash catcher is a great tool for keeping your bong hygienic by catching any leftover particles before they reach the main chamber. This helps lessen cleaning time and preserves the cleanliness of your favorite piece, especially when you use an ice pinch to better filter out debris.

When shopping around for one, think about the size/shape of the bong as well as what type of percolator you want - this ensures that it’s suitable with whatever setup you have in mind!


Finding the correct downstem for your bong is an important factor in getting optimal performance out of it. Many opt for a diffused downstem, which functions as a sort of percolator and adds another filtration step in the process. Understand that an appropriately sized and shaped model can give you a cooler and smoother smoke session, so think about what experience you’re looking for when making your selection. You should consider factors such as the size of your pipe, its material makeup, and also take into account how these variables will affect smoking satisfaction. Your downstem must fit snugly between the bowl piece and the water chamber without any room left over that could compromise airflow or flavor quality. Be sure to double check the size of your downstem as they are not universal.

Bong Maintenance: Keeping Your Bong Clean and Functional

A bong with a downstem

The cleanliness of your cigar is necessary for enjoying the optimal smoking experience. To that end, it’s important to routinely utilize cleaning solutions and techniques as well as practice regular maintenance rituals in order to ensure a consistently satisfactory outcome. These tactics are invaluable if you want to keep your bong free from any residue or gunk buildup which can occur over time otherwise. With these efforts combined, there will be an uninterrupted enjoyment of smooth flavorful hits delivered each use!

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions have an indispensable role in eliminating dirt and deposits from your body. Household materials like warm water paired with mild soap or shop-purchased cleaning agents along with isopropyl alcohol are viable options for preserving a clean, contaminant free pipe.

When it comes to glass pieces specifically, combining isopropyl alcohol and coarse sea salt makes an ideal solution when wiping down the inside of the chamber. Ultimately keeping on top of maintenance ensures that your bong continues functioning without fault. Cleaning your bong as soon as possible ensures the smoothest process.

Cleaning Techniques

When cleaning your water pipe, there are multiple techniques that may be utilized to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly. Soaking the bong parts, such as the bong bowls, downstems, bong parts and ash catchers in warm soapy water, using salt and isopropyl alcohol for shaking or mixing vinegar with rice can all prove effective methods of purifying your body. It’s important to make sure any detachable pieces are taken off beforehand as a way of avoiding possible damage caused by breakage on items such as the downstem and bowl itself.

Regular Maintenance

For the best smoking experience, it is important to take care of your bong by maintaining it regularly. Here are some tips that will help you keep your device running properly: changing water after every use and replacing all liquids on a daily basis for heavy users. These practices ensure that ash, resin, and bacteria don’t build up in the system, allowing an enjoyable session each time. Cleaning not only helps with functionality but keeps contaminants away so you can always have quality smoke production!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a bong?

Borosilicate glass bongs tends to be a popular choice because of its strong durability and superior heat resistance. This type of glass holds up better when exposed to sudden changes in temperature, unlike others that may crack or shatter easily. It won’t distort under high temperatures due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, which ultimately results in a cleaner smoking experience with no warped pipes! Besides borosilicate, just about any type of the glass water bongs which we've mentioned here are highly favored among customers. The simple truth is, glass bongs deliver, and they have been for a very long time.

How do percolators enhance the smoking experience?

For an improved and more enjoyable experience while smoking, a percolator filters the smoke as well as cools it down. The resulting hit tends to feel smoother and not as harsh as those taken from dry pipes or rolled cones.

How often should I clean my bong?

It is advisable to give your bong a thorough clean every day as the residue can get stuck in otherwise difficult to clean areas.

What Companies Create the Best Bongs?

We've preselected all of our bongs for quality and you can't go wrong with just about any of the brands we offer here. Popular brands that we carry include: Empire Glassworks, MAV Glass, Higher Standards, HEMPER & MJ Arsenal.


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