Bent Neck Water Pipe w/Quartz Mini-Clear-5in(RCL-S-J01)


Mini Rig Big Dabs

At only 5”/12.7cm in height, this pint-sized piece is the definition of small but mighty. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass this rig can withstand great temperature changes. This water pipe utilizes a fixed downstem, forgoing extra, unnecessary consumable pieces. Sitting seamlessly on this stemless piece is a 14mm glass-on-glass quartz banger. It is the preferred accessory for dabbing, beating a nail and dome in almost every category including efficiency. The internal percolator helps break up the smoke and cools it down, leaving you with a satisfyingly smooth hit. The ergonomic bent neck offers a comfortable position for smoking and the clear chamber lets you watch the smoke twist and turn inside.

Pro tip: Low temp dabs offer more flavour

Keep it clean by removing water and using 99% alcohol (or the even cooler Illcohol) along with some course salt (epsom or sea). Other safe cleaning solutions are also available. Shake solution until resin is removed off the inside and then use a warm, soapy water rinse and allow to dry before next use. The banger can be submerged in the same solution and then cleared out with a pipe cleaner before rinsing and letting dry.


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