Boo Glass

12 Inch Bong w/ Honeycomb Perc


Looking for a gorgeous classic with a twist?  You've found it! Check out this 12 inch bong with bent neck,  honeycomb perc & stylish color options!

Don't you love the colors on this bent neck bong? Royal Blue, Emerald Green and deep Ambers accentuate the clean sleek lines of this piece. It's the perfect daily driver!

With its bent neck & uniquely styled honeycomb perc, this is a water pipe that's simple but functions like a champ. When it comes to popular percs, the honeycomb percs are one of the most popular styles and for good reason. Each honeycomb percolator will contain dozens of tiny holes to diffuse your smoke.


  • 12 inch bent neck bong
  • Uniquely styled honeycomb perc
  • Includes a 14mm male bowl
  • 5mm thick glass