1Stop Glass

1Stop Glass 12 Inch Thick Glass Beaker Bong


12 Inch Beaker Bong Features:

  • 12 inch height
  • 7mm Thick glass
  • Wide beaker base for greater stability
  • Ice pinch
  • Includes borosilicate bowl + slitted downstem

12" Thick Glass Beaker Bong - A Classic That Everyone Should Have!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, having a beaker bong like this should always be a part of your collection!  At 12 inches in height it's truly not too tall and not too small.  With the wide base and 7mm thick glass, it's a piece that's going to be hard to knock over.  Well, anything is possible but this is as solid a pipe as they come.

Our 12 inch beaker bong includes a slitted downstem and bowl.