1Stop Glass

1Stop Glass 5 inch Hammer Bubbler


Big Things Come in Little Packages!  Check Out Our 5 Inch Hammer Bubbler ~

Bubblers combine the best of both worlds: the filtration of a water pipe, and the convenience of a hand pipe. Our latest addition is crafted from 100% high grade borosilicate glass with a simple and smart design to provide full accessibility and portability.

Chill out with this sleek, well-crafted piece that's 5 inches long and 4 inches high when placed on a flat surface using its angled bottom which helps prevent spilling. To use this beautiful glass pipe, fill the built-in deep bowl with your dry herb of choice, put a bit of water in the bubbler, and light up.

The fixed downstem ensures the body is damage resistant while efficiently diffusing hits through water.

With its 5 inch size, it's easily portable no matter where you are heading, at home or out and about. It's the perfect balance of quality and convenience all in one package.