Honeybee Herb




  • Material - Glass 
  • Compatible with 14mm Female Rig Joint
  • Compatible with 14mm Male Banger Joint

Also Known As

  • Reclaim Catcher
  • Classic Reclaim Catcher
  • Vertical Reclaim Catcher


This is the Honeybee Herb Classic Glass Reclaim Catcher. This Reclaim Catcher is a vertically straight, up-and-down reclaim catcher. With Vertical Reclaim Catcher’s simple and sleek design, it catches residue easily upon every inhale, keeping your rig cleaner for longer! 

With the detachable glass bottom, you can easily remove your trapped reclaim with no hassle or mess after you have retrieved all your reclaimed goodness, clean and reattach to collect more! 


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What Is A Reclaim Catcher? - If you are new to using Reclaim Catcher, then you can read this article to learn about the product and its use.


Can You Heat This Classic Glass Reclaim Catcher? 

It is not recommended to put intense heat and temperature changes on glass adapters like this reclaim catcher. A little heat is okay, but too much, and you run the risk of it cracking or breaking.


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