Glassic Curved Body Dab Rig with Colored Accents


Check out this little pot belly rig from DankStop. A glass marble placed on the pipes backside like a button about to pop on a fat man in a little coat, and a dripping glass joint add a little bit of flavor to this versatile mini rig.

Crafted from quality borosilicate glass in California the glass marble on the bong's backside and mouthpiece both feature matching colored accents giving a creative touch to already ergonomic water pipe. The 14mm female joint features a dripping glass base and holds a 4mm thick angled top quartz banger nail, or a 14mm male bowl for dry herbs both of which are included. Water and smoke flow through the chamber together with the help of a naturally aspirated fixed downstem perc that sits in the chubby little bubbly rig's comparably wide base making this piece less likely to tip over the bear i was referencing earlier. The bent neck acts as a splashguard keeping your lips dry while you're gettin' high (allegedly)!

This piece from DankStop is hand blown, and stands around 6.5" in height.