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MiniNail Flower Wand Accessory Bundle


Product Information


Compatible with: Mini Nail Flower Wand Flower Bowl

The MiniNail Flower Wand transforms any existing MiniNail Micro Enail Kit into a Flower Vaporizer with this plug and play setup. 

The Flower Wand Vaporizer utilizes small quartz spheres to heat up air as it flows through a titanium thermal tunnel and onto your flower bowl. Providing for the best vaporization experience available for flower.

1 x 20MM Heater Coil
1 x Silicone Heater Handle
1 x Titanium Engine
1 x Set of Quartz Terp Spheres
1 x Poker/Packer Tool
1 x Glass Flower Bowl OR Titanium Flower Bowl
1 x Heater Coil Stand

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